Vegan, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Palm Oil Free

The finest organic nut butters and rock salt are combined with potato starch and rice flour and spices to make the best vegan alternative to cheese. Vegusto No-Moo cheeses can be used to convert any conventional recipe into a vegan gourmet meal.

The No-Moo dairy free cheeses soften when heated and yet won’t melt. On Macaroni cheese or Gratins they forms a delicious golden brown crust. All of the amazing Vegusto vegan cheeses are dairy free, lactose free, casein free, gluten free, cholesterol free, soy free and palm oil free. In addition, Vegusto’s plant-based cheeses contain no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. 


No-Moo Mild-Aromatic

Like its name suggests, this vegan non-dairy alternative to cheese is deliciously mild and aromatic with fruity flavours.

The No-Moo Mildly Aromatic is a pale yellow and semisoft vegan cheese similar to Gouda. It has no garlic and blends beautifully with your favourite dishes. It also grates and slices extremely well and is an excellent cheese in salads or makes a phenomenal snack on a biscuit!


Ingredients: water, vegetable oils and fats (non-hydr.), fruit juice, potato starch, rice flour, yeast, nut butter, rock salt, flavour (vegetable), carrageen, spices, antioxidant (ascorbic acid), colour (turmeric)


No-Moo Classic

Non-dairy alternative to cheese with a mild, slight taste of mushrooms.


Ingredients: Water, vegetable oils and fats (non-hydr.), potato starch, rice flour, nut butter, rock salt, binder (carrageen), spices, yeast, flavouring (vegetable, garlic), lactic acid (vegetable), colourant (beta-carotene).


No-Moo Piquant

A masterpiece of piquant cheesy flavour! Its name is derived from its decidedly rich flavour with a pronounced aroma and a piquant aftertaste. The purely plant-based No-Moo Piquant looks and tastes like ‘Swiss Alpine’ dairy cheese.

No-Moo Piquant adds a gourmet cheese touch to the simplest snacks and enhances the flavour of almost anything! Vegusto No-Moo cheeses can be used to convert any conventional recipe into a vegan gourmet meal.

Truly cheesy and with an edible rind, this cheese is the best plant-based cheese available for those who love well-defined flavours. Cheese connoisseurs will be pleasantly surprised.


Ingredients: Water, vegetable oils and fats (non-hydr.), potato starch, yeast, rice flour, nut butter, rock salt, spices, flavour (vegetable), carrageen, lactic acid (vegetable). 


No-Moo Mild & Soft

Latest addition to the Vegusto Cheese range. This creamy soya free aromatic vegan cheese is quite similar in taste to slightly aged cheddar and works well in a variety of traditional-cheese based dishes. It is easily spreadable and can be blended into a rich creamy cheesy sauce.


Ingredients: Water, rice flour, potato starch, vegetable oils and fats non-hydr (coconut, sunflower oil), yeast, rock salt, flavoring (vegetable, plant fibers, rice starch, vegetable fibers, colorant (beta-carotene).


No-Moo Melty Twin Pack

With its tender mozzarella texture and strong fragrant cheesy flavour, No-Moo Melty cheese is perfect for pizzas, cheese toasties, or cut it into small cheese cubes and served on salads. Comes as a twin pack with each cheese barrel separately sealed. Winner of the “Highly Commended” title at the 2012 FreeFrom Awards.

2 x 200g

Ingredients: Water, vegetable oils and fats (non-hydr.), starch, yeast, nut butter, rock salt, wheat fibers (gluten-free), rice flour, flavouring (vegetable), binder (carrageen), spices, citric acid, colourant (turmeric). Garlic free.


Vegusto Deli-Style Sandwich Slices

Deli-style Sandwich Slices are one of the most popular Vegusto products on offer.

This vegan and cruelty-free alternative is slightly smoked and deliciously tender with a tangy peppery rind. Deli-style Slices are a replacement for a particular kind of meat that is popular in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

The Deli-style Sandwich Slices are especially delicious on bread covered with tomatoes and Vegusto No-Moo gourmet cheeses.


Ingredients List: Wheat protein (gluten), water, vegetable oils and fats (non-hydrogenated), spices (contains celery), rock salt, lupin protein, binder (guar gum,xanthan), lemon juice, vegetable concentrate, antioxidant (ascorbic acid), rice starch, wheat fibers (gluten-free), natural smoke flavour