Vegan, Organic, Gluten-free

Made with pure organic fruit juices.


Introducing the Eco Vital range of organic confectionary. With three mouth-watering varieties of soft lollies, featuring classics such as Snakes and Gummy Bears, the Eco Vital range of sweets is a huge hit with kids and adults of all ages. Made with pure organic fruit juices. 





Fruit Gummy Bears

Little Gummy Bears that are big on flavour. Fruit flavour that is! A perfect natural sweet treat for everyone to enjoy.

Ingredients; Corn syrup*, cane sugar* (unrefined),gelling agent (pectin), fruit juice concentrates (apple*, orange*, lemon*, black currant*, raspberry*, pineapple*), acidulants (citric acid, calcium citrate), natural flavours, colouring fruit and plant extracts (algae, safflower, curcuma*, elderberry*), separating agents (sunflower oil*, carnauba wax)


Fruit Sour Snakes

Wickedly sour on the outside, delightfully sweet and bursting with fruit flavour on the inside with a yummy chewy center.

Ingredients; Cane sugar* (unrefined), corn syrup* , corn starch*, acidulant (citric acid, lacid acid, apple acid, calcium citrate), fruit juice concentrates (morello cherry*, pineapple*, apple*, orange*),colouring fruit and plant extracts (elderberry*, curcuma*, algae, safflower), gelling agent (pectin), natural flavours


Jelly Fruits

Eco Vital Organic Jelly Fruits are covered in organic sugar and bursting with organic fruit flavours.

Ingredients; Cane Sugar (unrefined)*, Corn Syrup*, Fruit juice Concentrates (lemon, raspberry, apple, black currant)*, gelling agent (agar agar), Acidulant (citric acid), natural flavours, colouring fruit and plant extracts (algae, safflower, curcuma*, elderberry*).


Fruity Hearts

Fill your hurt with love and joy with these delightful lollies that are packed with organic fruity goodness! Delicously chewy and, like all of the Eco Vital confectionery, bursting with organic fruit flavou

Ingredients; Corn syrup*, sugar* (unrefined), corn starch*, fruit juice concentrates* 4%, (grapefruit* 0,69%, apple* 0,69%, morello cherry* 0,69%, black currant* 0,69%, lemon* 0,62%, orange* 0,62%), acidulant (citric acid), gelling agent (pectin), acidity regulator (natrium citrat), colouring fruit and plant extracts (pumpkin*, apple*, alga, saflor, elderberry*), natural flavours, separating agents (sunflower oil*, carnauba wax)


Wine Gums

Thanks to the genius of the master sweet makers at Eco Vital, your favourite childhood sweets are once again available for you to enjoy! And who doesn't LOVE Wine Gums?? Utterly delightful.

Ingredients; Corn syrup*, cane sugar* (unrefined), corn starch*, wine* 9,4%, fruit juice concentrates* 3,52% (pineapple* 0,61%, apple* 0,61%,raspberry* 0,61%, black currant* 0,61%, lemon* 0,54%, orange* 0,54%), acidulant (citric acid), natural flavours, gelling agent (pectin), colouring fruit and plant extracts (alga, saflor, pumpkin*, apple*, elderberry*), acidity regulator (natrium citrat), separating agents (sunflower oil*, carnauba wax)

* = organic farming


Chocolate Coated Jelly Bananas

Organic Jelly Bananas coated in rich dark organic chocolate


Ingredients; Raw cane sugar*°, corn syrup*, dark chocolate*° 20% (cocoa mass*°, raw cane sugar*°, cocoa butter*°, emulsifying agents (lecithins (from sunflowers))), banana puree*° 2.5% (banana*, water, acidifier: ascorbic acid), acidifier (citric acid), gelling agent* (agar agar*), natural aroma, 

* = organic farming