Welcome to Good Provisions!


100% Vegan and New Zealand Owned.


Good Provisions is a family owned NZ company, whose passion for ethical vegan goods led to an international search for the best products from around the world. Our philosophy is based on caring for the planet and it’s inhabitants.


At Good Provisions we love what we do and pride ourselves on our reliability and customer care.

Our wholesale supplies are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, vegan, fair trade, wholesome and ethical.

That way you can be sure you are providing the very best products for your highly valued customers.


We are preferred suppliers in both Foodstuffs and Progressive, the two major conventional chain supermarkets.

We also supply all natural and independent stores as we believe small business often leads the way with new ideas.


 We are always here to help.

 Please contact us at: info@goodprovisions.co.nz