We are wholesalers of plant-based, organic, healthy, natural products to New Zealand and Australia.

Good Provisions supplies are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, vegan, fair trade, wholesome and ethical.

That way you can be sure you are providing the very best products for your highly valued customers.

Featured Brands

Green Vie

You will be amazed by it's taste, texture and meltability. You won't believe it's dairy free! Oh, and you won't believe the price either!


Almond nougat in fairly traded chocolate.

HURRAW! Lip Balm

Get super-smooth, totally kissable lips with the raw, organic goodness of Hurraw lipbalms. Using fairtrade ingredients in a variety of delicious flavours, these fantastic lipbalms taste good enough to eat!

Leahey Gardens

Leahey take pride in providing foods with just the right balance of spice and seasoning for a delicious, health conscious meal.


Dandies Vegan Marshmallows are air puffed, giving them a traditional marshmallow texture and flavour. Perfect for any application: s’mores, crisp rice treats, and even roasting over a fire.


Vegan, organic salami according to its Spanish example – based on wheat protein. Solid, savoury, full-bodied, air-dried! 

Vegan Rob's

Vegan Robs is a new global snack food focused on nutrition and compassion.

Jada Spices

Vegan Chicken Salt is a 100% Authentic Vegan Kosher Seasoning with a unique chicken flavour.